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Issues » 2008/4 - Spiritual Dimension of Social Work »

Alois Křišťan, Libor Musil

The Unanswered Question of Interrelation between “Professional Competence” and “Attentive Heart” in Practise of Christian Social Work


The article points out the need of self-reflection in terms of viewing of interrelation between professional competence and the principle of attentive heart in Catholic social work. The authors offer typology of different notions of “professional competence – attentive hearth” interrelation and typology of Charity work concepts. They propose using of these typologies as a means of the aforementioned self-reflection and as theoretical framework for research on “professional competence – attentive hearth” notions applied in the practice of Catholic helping organizations.


catholic social work, professional competence, attentive heart, charity, diaconal

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