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Martin Klapetek

Social Projects of Muslims Organisations in Czech Republic


Social projects of Islamic organizations in the Czech Republic may become examples of the interest of Muslims in finding their position in one of Central European societies. Zakát (purification in Arabic) is the designation of one of the five pillars of Islam that applies to every Muslim. It is the institute of alms that has gradually developed into a religious tax on property and income. In addition to the Islamic Center and further education, the main sphere of activities of the Islamic Foundation in Prague and the Islamic Foundation in Brno is charitable projects. Besides social help and work in refugee camps, the activities include particularly spiritual work in prisons. Islamic community and its modern history has been still a marginal issue with respect to the religious composition of the Czech Republic. In relation with the current social and political development, it must be accepted as a fact that the Islam followers aim at full legal recognition of their existence. The Czech society rather looks down to the official recognition, to say the least. For a long time, representatives of Muslims have been struggling to make the general public waive those attitudes. This process is certainly a long-term issue and both the sides need to obtain a more exact idea about its “partner in the dialog”.


social projects, Islamic organizations, Muslims

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