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Pavla Štochlová

Namibia in Need: Findings from a Trainee-ship in Subsaharian Africa


The author of this paper had the opportunity of spending six months in Namibia as a trainee from the Faculty of Health and Social Studies of University of South Bohemia. During her internship, she attempted to gather information about the country and the system of foster care in Nambia. This paper contains general information about Namibia and its social policies, including information about poverty, unemployment, HIV/AIDS, and the situation involving orphans and vulnerable children etc. It also mentions the activities and work of People in Need Foundation in Keetmanshoop. From her personal experience, the author writes about her findings regarding free time activities. In addition, the results of her foster care research are examined. The research was carried out at the children’s home in Keetmanshoop. This chapter also describes, in detail, various types of institutions that provide services for abandoned children. Lastly, the paper targets the applicants for foster care in Namibia. In addition, it briefly attempts to provide information about social work in the area of foster care, and mentions problems that social workers in Nambia must deal with.


Namibia – HIV/AIDS – orphans – People in Need Foundation – free time activity – foster care – applicants – family – children’s home

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