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Issues » 2019/1 - ERIS Journal - Winter 2019 »

Alice Reissová, Marta Žambochová, Markéta Vlčková

Fundraising as an Opportunity for Non-profit Organisations – Possibilities and Limits of Individual Fundraising


OBJECTIVES: The submitted paper focuses on fundraising as one of the funding options for non-profit organisations and aims to explore whether there are any local differences in the willingness of individual donors to give donations, which donor methods they prefer and what the socio-demographic characteristics of a typical donor are. THEORETICAL BASE: The theoretical base is defined by the current state of knowledge based on the study of professional literature and the results of research conducted in studied disciplines. METHODS: The paper presents the results obtained from the original quantitative research strategy that used structured interviews. OUTCOMES: Research has shown that there are local differences in the willingness of individual donors to donate funds and also has brought a number of findings concerning the socio-demographic characteristics of potential donors. It has been shown that the willingness to donate money is related to the income and education of the donor, but it does not depend on the gender and religion of the donor. SOCIAL WORK IMPLICATIONS: The findings contribute to the overall knowledge in the area of funding of activities implemented by non-profit organisations. Based on the results of this study, a number of frequent errors can be avoided in preparing an individual fundraising plan.


fundraising, individual fundraising, philanthropy, determinants of donations

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