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Issues » 2003/3 - Theories and Methods of Social Work »

Štefan Strieženec

Notices to theory and methodology of social work


The aim of the following article is to range social work as an independent branch. The author’ s aim is to draft a way of a gradual adjustment of the theoretical basis, contents and areas of social work and its practical use in „the everyday life of a man“. With the help of the holistic method the article analyzises the methodological approach of the fragment and complex. It follows social work in three contexts: as a help, as „help to selfhelp“ and finally results in the social potential of a man in the position of social developement as a whole. It indicates that the concentration of social work on dysfunctional members only causes plenty of darkness in the articulationing of the subject of social work. The author means this writing to be a topic for discussion about social work.

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