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Issues » 2003/3 - Theories and Methods of Social Work »

Eva Mydlíková

General characteristic of the counseling in Slovakia


In this article, the author describes a short history of social work in Slovakia, with special focus on the social consultancy developments in the Slovak Republic. She also briefly compares social consultancy to psychological consultancy, which has a longer tradition, and thus a more developed expert base in Slovakia. Moreover, the current systems of social advisory centres within the public and the non-public sectors are described here. The author explains the context of the social consultancy within the system of social aid. She also defines the term ‘social consultancy’, its goals, and the participants of the advisory process. At the end of the article, the author briefly describes the basic advisory approaches and outlines of the next, possible development of the quality of social consultancy driven by the Standards of Quality for the Social Consultancy.

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