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Issues » 2004/1 - Quality Standards in Social Services »

Slavomír Krupa, Marcela Mezianová

The Quality of Social Services


The need to increase quality of social services in Slovakia is for its absence highly actual topic. Prepared legislative changes in social field together with parallel decentralization of powers to selfgovernments is creating a space for systemic conditions for increasing the quality of social services in Slovakia and for changing the emphasis from quantitative to qualitative approach. The reasons for these changes are external philosophical, social, political, legal and economical conditions and individual needs of citizens. Thereby are gradually created conditions for system of quality assurance of social services in Slovakia. Various researches and monitoring quality of social services in Slovakia mentioned the need to estimate the objective criteria of evaluation of the quality in connection with necessary change of social services standard. Based on experimental verification of social services evaluation, authors identified three methods of social services evaluation – process method of evaluation, method of social counselling and supervision and method of identification subjective satisfaction of services receivers. For implementation of social services quality standards is necessary, that the standards will be a part of legal system and is important to train expert teams who consequently put the evaluation of existing social services into practice.

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