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Issues » 2004/1 - Quality Standards in Social Services »

Jitka Jakubíková

The problems of social pathological phenomenons in Zlatohorsko


The following work bearings of locality Zlaté Hory and try totality describe of specifics this region, the centrum of interest is analysis especially social problem and comprehend aspects, which coherent with it. The theoretical interest is bearing of social pathological phenomenons and theirs causes, including factors, which influence their rise and methods of their prevention. The attentions is given to elementary school and role of teacher in children life in relation to prevention of negative phenomenons. Part of work is case study of Zlatohorsko, that imply secondary work dates of institutions, which occupying with occurrence social pathological phenomenons among children and research practicing of forms interview with direction. The research bringing information about situation in local elementary school teacher’s perspectives. The work in totality gives total pictures about choice region and condition of examinate phenomenons – social pathological.

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