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Issues » 2008/1 - Social Work with People with Mental Illnesses »

Gabriela Sochorová

Community care principles in the practice of a community mental health team


The aim of this article is to put the theoretical concept of community care principles to practice. It introduces the community care principles and sets a goal to understand and illustrate, by means of the standardized interviews, how the community care principles are met in the work practice of specific community mental health team from its members’ point of view. The interviews show that meeting the community care principles is definitely not, in many respects, an easy matter. In practice a lot of factors and influences is involved in the scope of these principles meeting – on the top (i.e. goverment and statutory) level there is still a lack of the Czech Republic mental health care system regulation and setting. Last but not least the particular organization management attitudes as well as the personal approach of the mental health workers have a significant impact on the matter.


mental illness, community care principles, community mental health team, o. s. Fokus Praha

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