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Issues » 2004/2 - The Role of Families in Caring for the Elderly »

Jan Kolář

Field programmes with drug users – reality or a vision?


The following text is aimed at the insight into the off-stage area of functioning one specific organism. It intends to verify in this off-stage, whether existing theories of field programmes (the vision: „it should be“) are in accordance with reality (the current state: „in progress“). Subsequently, it tries to reveal the essence of discovered discrepancies. First, it verifies the consistence of the theory itself and, subsequently, on the base of the actual research qualitative inquiry led by the author himself. He has created several problematic categories by means of an analysis of narrative dialogues made with leaders of field programmes. There he discovered that the theory and experience are profoundly contradictory in several cases. This condition has significantly complicated the position of the care-performers.

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