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Issues » 2004/4 - Values and Ethics in Social Work »

Ilja Hradecký

How to count the homeless


The aim of Counting the Homeless, Prague 2004 was the most exact estimation of the number of homeless people trying to survive the winter in the city. A definition of the term of homelessness, was made by FEANTSA. The project is a pilot study. Until now, the least credible method of detecting the number of the homeless is used in the Czech Republic – based only on personal experience and their estimations, likewise in Portugal or Greece. The article introduces into the European context of homelessness and its quantification. With a little overseas excursion, approaches a methodology of the project, its preparation and realisation. It covers an evaluation and publicity of the results, without substituting a role of the final report. The article reflects the author’s own professional experience at the end.

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