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Issues » 2005/3 - Equal Opportunities »

Drahomíra Fischlová

Analysis of Differences in the Wages of Men and Women (Gender pay gap)


Very important issue at this time is the elimination of all forms of discrimination. One of these problems is the equality of wages between men and women. This research report is the next step concerning the analysis of the wage gap between men and women in the Czech Republic. The essential aim of this study is to respond to the questions: – whether gaps in average earnings between men and women exist and how great they are, – whether discrimination on the basis of gender is a cause of the gap, – whether the magnitude of this gap, extension and causes are constant or variable in time. The study is structured in several chapters. In the first chapter the principle of equal pay of men and women in legal acts in the EU and in the Czech Republic is explained. Other chapters deal with fields, which affect differences in job earnings – the labour conditions of women, the situation of women in contemporary society including the historical evolution and the economic activity of women. The core of the study consists of a description of the differences of wages by particular categories, which are statistically monitored – education, age, classification of employment, ownership, tariff scale, sectors – and an analysis of this difference based on the decomposition of objective differential factors – work hours, overtime job, type and duration of employment etc.

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