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Issues » 2005/3 - Equal Opportunities »

Josef Dolista

About the promotion of human dignity in terminal stages of human life


The thema „About the promotion of human dignity in terminal stages of human life“ is a supressed theme in our society. The death and dying is an actual theme for those, who witness the phenomena of death and dying in hospices. The important challenge of today is to learn people to see in the dying human being the personality endoved with personal dignity, and to see and accept his unrepeatable individuality of his life as a whole. Death must be understood in it’s social and cultural dimensions.The prevention of unhuman dying and death, i.e. the dying in anonymity and insulation/seclusion is needed. After the death, the last farewell without any ceremonial procedure, which would express the thanks for the life and deeds of the dead, is also an event of utmost unhuman character. The prerequisity for the preserving of humanity in death and dying is the jewish-christian conceptualisation of human being from its birth until to the death.

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