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Issues » 2006/1 - Socio-Legal Protection of Children »

Milan Schavel

A few notes about the social counseling in substitutional family care


Not all the children have a chance to grow up in their original family. The process of the assumption of the child and his/her placement in the substitutional family care is very complicated not only from the perspective of administrative and legal processes but mainly from the perspective of preparation of the substitutional parents and the child and from the perspective of creating the optimal relationships in the new family. This process can be strongly influenced by social worker who can provide a social counseling from his/her own initiative. This article wants not only to summarize the information but mainly to become stimulation for the improvement of work in the process of the substitutional family care. Some information is mediated by the outcomes of the easy survey focused on finding the level of knowledge about the substitutional family care by the respondents.

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