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Issues » 2006/1 - Socio-Legal Protection of Children »

Václav Kulhavý

Social exclusion empowerment: community social work


The text describes three “small” paradigms of the excluded communities’ empowerment in the social work practice. First, it outlines the traditional-technicist conception which aspires to include those people back into the societal and economic life in order to gain their power. Further, they are the reflexive and radical approaches which – on the other hand – create a transformative opposition and complementation of the first – traditional way of thinking. The author shows key features of the particular theories and make bridges with the relevant sociological literature. Application of those perspectives enrich the unrooted value concepts in the social work. The main symbolic goal is to reconstruct the visions and ideals of community work noted in the text: the application of it is to mediate a reflection of current community work with (unemployment or criminality) threatened community.

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