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Issues » 2006/3 - Organisational Culture »

Mirka Nečasová, Libor Musil

Working Conditions and Dilemmas of Workers in Helping Professions


The article is devoted to the question: “How frontline workers of the one selected nongovernmental organization – the charity home and health care service (called ‘CHOPS’) respond to the dilemmas of their work with clients?” The authors describe expectation conflicts experienced by people from CHOPS. They pursue the question, if the CHOPS frontline workers are in moral terms indifferent towards some of the respective expectation conflicts, and show, how these workers are confronted with dilemmas due to their moral sensitivity towards the other expectation conflicts. The authors depict what the CHOPS frontline workers do experience if they are not able to cope with some of their dilemmas. Using empirical examples, they exemplify how workers cope with their dilemmas by “avoiding them” or by removing working conditions which result in the dilemmas.

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