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Issues » 2007/4 - Practice and Supervision in Social Work »

Zuzana Havrdová

Educational Supervision and Quality of Social Workers-beginners


In the present paper we return to the term “educational supervision” as the oldest and the most common form of supervision in the history of social work. We briefly recall some important moments, the origines in tutoring, the accents on self-experience and the process of differentiation in relation to so-called professional supervision. It is through these recollections that we reflect critically on the situation of practical training in social work today. We recommend amplifying the segments of practical work (incl. practical seminars etc.) and of supervision by educational supervision and we show possible ways how to introduce this concept into the present system. Our main argument for introducing educational supervision is the fact that students are not developmentally mature for professional supervision as well as the need for a clear benchmark for the quality of new professionals entering the field of social work.

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