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Issues » 2007/4 - Practice and Supervision in Social Work »

Ivan Hofmann, Lenka Sazečková

Expectations on Functioning of Law of Registration Partnership in the Czech Republic


The dilemma of homosexual’s legal partnership in the Czech Republic has been widely discussed since its approval on July 1st 2006. After careful study of Low of registration partnership we suppose, that some aspects of same-sex partnership are not successfully handled. The aim of the presented work was a quantitative research trying to find if homosexuals in the Czech Republic has met up the legal partnership positively and if they are willing to contract their partnership. The further objective was to found out if gays and lesbians wanted the change of current Low of registration partnership. The civil association of gays and lesbians STUD Brno submitted the theme of the research. Data collection was provided by a questionnaire and the research question was: “Has Low of registration partnership met up with the interest among gays and lesbians and has fulfilled their expectations?” The questionnaire inquiry found that homosexuals were willing to utilize the Low of registration partnership because 62.60 % of respondents with a partner stated that they would like to contract their partnership based on contemporary statutory text. Notwithstanding, up to 80 % of polled required updating the Low of registration partnership in terms of widening gay and lesbian rights.

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