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Issues » 2006/4 - Homelessness »

Miroslav Barták, Helena Hnilicová, Pavlína Horáková

The Health Needs of Homeless People in Reality of the Czech Republic and in the Recomendations of World Health Organisation


The objective of this “focus group” qualitative research, and of the use of the methods of public policy analysis, was (in the frame of broader research) to map out and analyzed findings, experience, and opinions concerning the health of the Czech homeless and its determinants. The focus group comprised public policy actors and representatives of organizations engaged in caring for this at-risk group. The information thus acquired contributed to improved orientation in this – in the Czech Republic still rarely discussed – topic and also served as a source of information in the formation of a research tool, which is now used in the currently conducted questionnaire survey focused on the state of health of people without shelter, and its determinants. The findings of the “focus group” were compared with the WHO recommendations for target group – Homeless people.

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