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Issues » 2007/1 - Role of a Social Worker »

Radka Janebová, Libor Musil

The Social Worker’s Role Myths


Social workers adopt many roles to achieve their goals of social justice, the enhancement of the quality of life of citizens, and the development of the full potential of each individual, family and group in society: Social workers operate at the interface between people and their environments. They never work in isolation and are always part of multidisciplinary approaches. Social worker is lead professional, fulfiling roles that only a social worker can do, negotiating a balance between care and control. Social workers should assess, plan, manage the delivery of care and safeguard the well-being of most vulnerable people and children. To do this social workers must learn manage two charakteristics of helping person: responsibility and authority (power). Social workers don’t have the easiest job in the world. The social work profession implies uncertainty in deciding process and although uncertainty can be a source of distress, it can also be a catalyst for growth and profesionalization of social workers. This text focuses on the role myths in the social work.

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