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Issues » 2007/1 - Role of a Social Worker »

Alice Gojová, Hana Sobková

Application of a task centred approach in the present conditions of Czech social work


The contribution is focused on finding and the identification of parallels between the Social Services Quality Standards (mainly procedural standards), the Act on Social Services and task centered approach. In other words, we will consider how the task centered approach can be useful for social workers so that they can put the Act and the Standards into their practices. First the risks are outlined that can arise from possible social work reduction on standardize social services without a deep and complex exploration of the unique client’s situation. We assume that a protection against these risks is to base social work practice on social work theories and methods. Social work theories and methods could allow social workers critically reflect their practices. From the perspective of current social work trends in the Czech republic we consider the task centered approach as the one relevant and applicable. The basic principles and key concepts of the approach which are significant for our topic will be introduced and explained. The identical principles and procedures of the task centered approach, the Act on Social Services and the Social Services Quality Standards are highlighted at the conclusion and we also propose the advantages that can bring the task centered approach and its implementation in social work practice.

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