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Issues » 2007/1 - Role of a Social Worker »

Jiří Jankovský

Possibilities and Conditions of Interdisciplinary Cooperation within a Multidisciplinary Team


This paper contemplates the real possibilities of an interdisciplinary cooperation within a multidisciplinary team. An exemplum showing a mutual cooperation of experts from various assisting professions who carry out the complex system of rehabilitation in the ARPIDA Children Center is shown here in order to present the conditions as well as two outlines of possibilities to create a well working multidisciplinar team. Within the frame of the so called “Circle Care” it is the partnership which is put a stress on. This means not only partnership among the experts but also towards the parents of the child with a handicap. The second outline accentuates the part of the social worker as a mediator standing at the side of the child and the parents. The presented conditions and possibilities of a mutual cooperation both among the experts as well as cooperation with the parents, completed by the two outlines, prove that in facilities that offer services to persons with a handicap there is an existing possibility to create conditions for functioning and worthwhile work relations which are convenient and satisfactory to all the participants.

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