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Issues » 2007/1 - Role of a Social Worker »

Jitka Navrátilová

The role of social services in family policy


During the 1990s, the Czech Republic, as well as other European countries, underwen considerable changes in family behaviour. Besides fundamental changes, such as a marked reduction in fertility, decrease in the number of marriages along with an increase in the number of single-parent families, there have also been some cultural and structural changes contributing to a new interpretation of the concept of family and family life. Abandoning the traditional interpretation models of the family and the liberalization of family life have presented us with new challenges to provide the conception of family policy. This contribution refers to the basic tendencies and features that have characterised family behaviour in the past as well as nowadays, with reference to other European countries. Subsequently, I analyse legislation conditions for family social services development and recognise social services role within family policy.

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