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Issues » 2007/2 - Social Work with Immigrants »

Hana Pořízková

Contemporary Development Tendencies of Foreigners Labour Market Integration in the Czech Republic


The issue of foreigner integration in the labour market is most important with the increasing number of migrants. Labour market integration is considered the key assumption of migrant integration; however, it is difficult to find an efficient way to labour market integration of foreigners as experience from some European countries indicates through the high unemployment rate of migrants, and the marked difference between the native-born and the foreign-born concerning their labour market status indicators. The aim of this article is to find out the contemporary development tendencies in the labour market integration of foreigners and the main factors for future development in this sphere in the Czech Republic. I am trying to find the answer to this question through data concerning foreigner employment in the Czech Republic, mapping the current development of attitudes towards the employment of foreigners and based on current measures to integrate in the labour market. I would like point out the need to investigate and develop new ways of working with foreigners aimed at their successful labour market participation.

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