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Issues » 2007/2 - Social Work with Immigrants »

Ondřej Hofírek, Michal Nekorjak

Irregular Migrant Work in the Czech Republic


In this paper/essay we deal with irregular employment of immigrants with the attention being paid to foreigners coming from so-called third countries, whose access to labour market is mainly restricted. It is not a coincidence that the immigrants from these very countries participate in grey economy. Therefore, we want to point out that these restrictions combined with employers’ demand have a significant impact on setting up groups of so-called illegal immigrants. Furthermore, we devote to the development of both regular and irregular migration in Europe and the Czech Republic to refer to both general context and reciprocal similarity. Subsequently, through the use of the scheme presented we document individual situations in which it comes about to the fact that immigrants hold the irregular status on labour market. Since we consider irregular migration to be a problem of their integration into the labour market structure, we also deal with integrative policy in the Czech Republic.

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