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Issues » 2007/2 - Social Work with Immigrants »

Michal Trousil

The Problem and Difficulties of the Social Work with Migrants


The social work with migrants has been very important topic in this time, not only in Western Europe and the USA, but also in the Czech Republic. This will not possible to omit in regard to getting on process of the economical, political and cultural globalization. The migration raises the pressure on national states and identity of their citizens. The arrival of “foreigners”, whose Europe needs for reasons of demographic development and who need Europe for economic reasons, confront the social work with many tasks, which haven’t to be dealt with until this time, especially in the Czech Republic. The main aim of this text is the identification of some important problems, which the helping profession have to dealt with at the work with the migrants, the notice on some specifics and difficulties at work with this social group and enlargement of the number of professional texts concern with this problematic.

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