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Issues » 2007/2 - Social Work with Immigrants »

Tomáš Habart

Economic Situation of Selected Romani Family Living in Czech Frontiers Area (process of Change in Last Few Years – Case Study)


This text describes deepening of financial tightness of relative Romani families, who live together in small town in the region of Karlovy Vary. From analysis of particular issues described in the first part has arisen that families in locality are socially excluded, while families of their relatives staying in other places cannot be understood as excluded ones. In the last part, the author explains his scepticism when foreseeing near future – there is very small chance, that participants could change the unsustainable trend themselves significantly. They are not able to find help among their relatives who live in identical conditions. Those relatives, whose economic status had increased, moved from the locality and reduced the contacts with their relatives there, which makes possible solutions more difficult. Different ways of help are aggravated by high level of distrust of local inhabitants, who may change their statements according to the circumstances. The fourth generation of people in locality has been influenced by this precarious situation. Its solution will be very hard to achieve, because of its complexity, which includes education, financial issues, housing, employment, health and other dimensions. The solution will not be possible without intervention and without involvement of local people.

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