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Issues » 2007/3 - Social Work with People with Addictions »

Barbora Kuchárová, Michal Oláh

Streetwork and Harm Reduction in the Help to Addicted Client of OZ Prima in Bratislava


In our report we want to clarify the activities around work with addicted with a view to syringe drug users with the help higher introduced methods. In the text we present selected research results realized with the aim to map the scope of activities OZ Prima that works as a non-governmental organization matching young professionals and volunteers. Its aim is to support drug problems solutions with the accent on realization of the projects in the sphere of drug demand reduction. OZ Prima was set in 1998. Since its beginning till today it works in the field of drug addiction, first of all in following: • “harm reduction” – reduction of harms effected by drug using, • primary prevention.The aim of OZ Prima is: • to minimalize health and social risks connected with drug using and prostitution, • prevention of HIV, hepatitis and other infectious disease diffusions, • to motivate its clients to less risk drug using and safe sex, • to arrange contacts with the target group and to motivate for step-by-step joining to major society.

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