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Issues » 2007/3 - Social Work with People with Addictions »

Táňa Průdková

Harm Reduction


The writing is concerned with the anti-drug policy with a special emphasis on the harm reduction, because even nowadays it is a controversial theme. It emphasises the benefit of harm reduction services for the drug users and for the whole society and it also does not conceal the arguments of the opponents. The first chapter briefly defines the drug policy and its pillars, the second chapter defines the harm reduction as a minimisation of demage and hazards associated with the drug use, it is declaratory of the philosophy of the access to the problem drug users, as well as the targets and methods of the mentioned access. It briefly describes the harm reduction services, especially the exchange programme, the possible ways of the provision of services and the appropriate providers are defined there. The conclusion of the work deals with the possibility of the provision of harm reduction services to imprisoned persons. The writing Harm reduction is conceived as a summarization of the findings available in the scholarly literature.

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