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Issues » 2007/3 - Social Work with People with Addictions »

Mgr. Marie Špiláčková

History of Social Planning in Ostrava


Presented article deals with “History of social planning in Ostrava”. It describes the development of social planning and methods of social work at three selected target groups in the territory of Ostrava in the 70ies and 80ies of the 20th century. It covers the social care for family, children and young people, social care for socially non-adapted citizens and last but not least social care for Romany people. Sources of information for elaboration of the paper were materials of primary character obtained from The Record Office of the City Ostrava. On the basis of scientific procedures and with the usage of relevant research strategies it documents historic development of social care and methods of social work used in Ostrava. Original terminology is kept with the intention of better identification of source materials; this is the reason why there are expressions like Gypsies for Romany citizens, or term defect citizens or health troubled for people with any kind of handicap used in the paper.

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