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Issues » 2009/2 - Social Work with People in Debt »

Milan Schavel, Barbora Drexlerová, Lucia Lekárová

Indebtedness and Psycho-social Help for Families in Social-economic Problems


In casework we often encounter social problems of clients, who are in complicated and precarious economic situations. We can also observe, that difficult economic background of the family is predisposition to formation of other, e.g. social-pathological effects, or at least this situation participates on non-functional social relations and family breakdown. In this regard the grant indicates especially some collisions and formation of precarious economic situation of the family also because of the indebtedness and at the same time it indicates some particularities concerned with the social counseling for families in debt and with social-economic problems.


indebtedness, social-economic problems, social counseling, family, preventive acting

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