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Issues » 2009/2 - Social Work with People in Debt »

Pavel Bareš

Target Groups of Persons Experiencing Extreme Social Exclusion and their Reflection in Regional Mid-term Social Services Development Plans


Important information on groups of persons with specific needs, their situation and support measures designed for them under the conditions of Act No. 108/2006 Coll., on social services at the regional level can be found in regional mid-term social services development plans. This information is, on the whole, restricted to the respective region. However the validity of some of the information contained in such plans is more general. Regionally restricted information is not worth noting solely for the respective plan or the staff responsible for drafting and implementing the plan. Therefore it is vital that an analysis be made of the ways in which the situation of such groups of persons is considered in other regional plans. This contribution describes all the relevant factors involved including the legal background of regional mid-term social services development plans, their importance for users of social services, community planning and problems related to the definition of a target group which consists of users of social services in general. The study goes on to discuss the term social inclusion, its extreme forms and related target groups and concludes with an analysis of the way in which these groups are considered in the afore-mentioned documents.


social services, user, target group, community planning, mid-term social services development plan, regions

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