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Veronika Šimečková

Using Elements of Education Maria Montessori for “Street Children” in Zambia


The article describes the current situation and problems of education in Zambia. Quality of education is one of the basic prerequisites of development around the world. Teaching and education of children (so-called “street children”) in this country depends on an assessment of their current situation, in particular family and social environment. This article aims to present educational concept, using the elements of alternative education Maria Montessori for children from neglected environment in Zambia. This concept was constructed on the basis of her experience of internships in Zambia (2004–2009), where she worked with street children, in a precautionary Social Project: Street children Kalingalinga. At the beginning of a Zambian environment issues in general, defines the social, health and educational issues. The parts of specific research represent specific research objectives: The use of alternative elements of Maria Montessori for street children in Zambia. Within article is a weekly program and methodological sheet for children. Article is intended mainly for lecturers, students and volunteers who are interested in the issue of education and teaching children from neglected social and family environment.


“street children”, vulnerable children, issues of education, teaching, alternative education Maria Montessori

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