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Issues » 2010/3 - The Practical Application of Theory in Social Work »

Zuzana Truhlářová

Identification of Risks in the Use of a Competency Model of Training of Social Workers in Bachelor Degree in Social Work


There is effort to combine broad university education and Bologna process goals in social work terciary education at Czech universities. There is also effort to meet classification standards of the Czech Association of Schools of Social Work at the same time. This organisation wants to inter-connect academic university education with professional aspect of vocational training in social work (it means competences based vocational training). Real situation in the Czech Republic, in the area of social work/social services, is complicated by the fact of 40 years discontinuity in social work education (the period of communistic regime). Many things changed during this era. Therefore it is comprehensible that the Czech social work university education is still looking for its optimal form. For that reason a research on competences building process has been realised. It was aimed on students of bachelor university degree of education (in attendance form of study). Part of results of such research is covered by this study.


education, competence, professional practice, social work

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