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Issues » 2011/1 - Research for Practice in Social Work »

Kvetoslava Repková

Integrated Knowledge Creation in Social Work and for Social Work


The paper is focused on agenda of an integrated knowledge creation in social work and for social work, which is derived from a reflexive nature of social work and from very specific connections between theory/research and practice within the mentioned discipline. The author describes some principal points for integrated knowledge creation based on collaboration of researchers with service providers, their users and with other key stakeholders operating in social field. She particularly deals with distinctive position of social workers in integrated research teams by mediating of various stakeholders’ cooperation and by empowering social interventions’s users to take active and equally valued part. Finally she brings information about practice, the Institute for Labour and Family Research in Bratislava, she works in, applies to engage representatives of the civic society sector into disability and long-term care research work within integrated research teams.


reflexivity of social work, integrated knowledge creation, users’s empowerment

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