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Issues » 2011/1 - Research for Practice in Social Work »

Petr Kolařík

Organizational Identity and Culture. Charita Staff Searching and Recruitment with Regard to Charita’s Identity


Social work reflects values and beliefs of people working in the social field. The values influence in great extent the form of the organizational culture and the organizational identity. The author envisages values as an important connection between culture and identity. The first part of the article is aimed at organizational identity and culture, their reciprocal connection and possibility to use organizational culture as a means for identity preservation. In the second part of the article the author deals with recruiting and selecting of workers with regard for preservation of the Charita organizational identity and culture. He pays attention to necessity to engage in an open conversation about the organizational values. He deals with urgency to speak with language that is intelligible for expectants. Managers must understand expectant’s motivation for work in Charita organization.


organizational culture, organizational identity, culture change, Charita identity

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