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Issues » 2011/2 - Psycho-Social Connection at Disadvantage Children »

Hana Francová, Lucie Kozlová

Citizen Participation as an Important Factor of Social Integration of Families Caring for Children with a Disability


Social integration of families with disabled children must be perceived both from the perspective of creation of equal chances by the society and from the perspective of individual approach, i.e. whether the family makes use of the existing resources of the society and means of citizen participation for improvement of its social function. In connection with mapping of active citizenship of disadvantaged families, the authors of the text supposed that parents prefer negotiations with representatives of municipalities in order to achieve availability of public services. It is possible to state, under use of descriptive statistics, that approximately two thirds of caring parents would not solve their situation in such way, and they mostly would not make use of other offered possibility, e.g. negotiations with nongovernmental nonprofit organization or county council, publicizing of their problem or speaking to the ombudsman either. The research inquiry was focused also on the readiness to co-participate in funding of social services and compensation aids. Based on the test performed with regard to correspondence of relative frequencies, it is obvious that participation in funding of compensation aids is higher than that of social services. Through the test of correspondence of relative frequencies and correspondence analysis, it was proved that two thirds of the respondents are not ready to participate in funding of social services and in funding of compensation aids. In compliance with the data obtained, the authors of the text want to stress that the passive attitude of families with disabled children can reduce the efficiency of a lot of integration measures.


citizen participation, financial participation, child with a a disability, social integration

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