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Issues » 2011/2 - Psycho-Social Connection at Disadvantage Children »

Lucie Foltová, Regina Schovancová, Petr Okrajek

Psychosocial Impact of Unemployment on Family Life Situations


The aim of this paper is to verify selected theories which describe unemployment of one (or more) family member as a risk factor which has highly negative consequences for the afflicted family in the areas of material, social or psychological importance. Further this study refers to some atypical or still rarely mentioned links as we attempt to explain them. The study sample is formed by the participants of ELSPAC (European Longitudinal Study of Parenthood and Childhood) and the data used is from the eleven-year-old age (of the children from the project) period. The sample was divided into four groups. There are: 1. group of employed parent couples (N = 1,264); 2. group of parent couples with unemployed mothers (N = 215); 3. group of parent couples with unemployed fathers (N = 148) and 4. group of both unemployed parents (N = 37). The data was analysed in the SPSS programme by standard statistical methods, using these methods the differences in selected variables between groups were determined. This paper supports the majority of mentioned research outcomes with describe the link between unemployment and a negative material or psychosocial impact on the family. We also draw attention to the fact that many serious health and behavioral consequences can manifest in the longer term (especially in children) and we try to suggest advice for social work with families impacted by unemployment.


unemployment, family, family situation, family security, dysfunctional behavior, psychosocial aspects, life situations

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