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Issues » 2011/2 - Psycho-Social Connection at Disadvantage Children »

Ivana Lyócsa

Stereotyped Ideas of Mother’s and Father’s Role of Child Protection Workers, Reasons and Impacts: The Example of Great Britain, Canada and Israel


The results of British, Canadian and Israeli child protection practice studies indicated that social workers had gender stereotyped ideas of female and male role within child care. These ideas have negative impact on mothers, fathers or children: 1. the responsibility for childcare and protection of children is generally expected only in the case of mothers, 2. the potential of fathers is not utilized and 3. the risk presented by fathers for their children and/or mother is ignored. Using results from these studies, the goal of this paper is to present how social workers’ gender-biased constructions of parenthood (motherhood and fatherhood) affect work of social workers with families.


constructions of parenthood (motherhood and fatherhood), gender differentiated approach, child protection, social worker

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