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Issues » 2011/2 - Psycho-Social Connection at Disadvantage Children »

Jan Šiška, Camille Latimier

Rights of Children with Intellectual Disabilities in the Czech Republic from the Perspective of Convention of Childrens’ Rights UN


Children with mental disabilities are among the groups most at risk of abuse. On the basis of investigations carried out through critical analysis of documentation on and interviews the report was compiled on the status of implementation of the Convention on the Rights of the Child United Nations (1989) in the Czech Republic in five areas: protection from violence and neglect, rehabilitation and reintegration, residential care and deinstitutionalization, health and medical care, education, discrimination, respect for the views of the child and the child’s best interests. Survey results revealed shortcomings in the implementation of the Convention in all areas surveyed.


intellectual disability, rights of children, implementation, CRC

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