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Issues » 2011/4 - Volunteering and Social Work »

Ivo Jirásek, Miroslava Jirásková

Volunteer and Well-doer: Parallels of Social Worker and Pilgrim


The paper offers to spread the notion volunteer for a well-doer dimension. It means to add to free will to act goodness also the activity as an expression of social worker’s authenticity. The text distinctive on the basic differentiation tourist and pilgrim (documented by thematisation of concrete casuistry of “the first Moravian Compostela” pilgrim) the modus “volunteer-tourist” and “volunteer-pilgrim”. It subsumes to the basic features of activity the second of them: activation of spiritual life’s dimension; constancy of journey and consciousness of goal; attunement of life; the art to empathise; the courage to be oneself; skill to accept new challenge; assessing of pain; and conscious being in the present.


volunteer, well-doer, tourist, pilgrim, social worker, pilgrimage, authenticity

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