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Issues » 2011/4 - Volunteering and Social Work »

Helena Záškodná, Adéla Mojžíšová

Psychological Aspects of Volunteering in the Context of Social Work


The paper outlines problems of volunteerism in the context of the prosocial behavior. Theoretical solutions and base concepts are discussed from point of view of evolutional psychology and social psychology. Patterns of prosocial behavior are classified. Different approaches to study of motivation of prosocial behaviour are evaluated in context of a long term planned voluntary support of other people. The paper focuses at modern model of voluntarism. For instance Functional analysis of motivation, Volunteer Process Model and Role Identity Model. Finally, article is focus on issues in the context of voluntary social service clients.


prosocial behaviour, altruism, volunteering, volunteer service, model of volunteerism, cooperation in society, public benefit, social services

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