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Alice Gojová, Anna Geletičová, Lucie Mastná, Martina Sadivová, Lenka Žembová

Community Work – Way from Swearing to Better Housing


The central question of this paper is: “What can be achieved using the community work in the solution to the lack of cooperation between inhabitants and the owners of the housing stock in socially excluded localities?” In order to reach the aim we characterise problem of the lack cooperation between inhabitants and the owners of housing stock and we explain the main starting points and phases of community work. Afterwards we clarify how the work at improving cooperation between the inhabitants and the owners was in progress and the results of each of the phases we describe in terms of the community work principles. In conclusion, the results of each phase are summarised and we try to show what the using of the community work principles have brought to inhabitants and to the owners of the flats. We reflect what worked and why and what and why did not lead to expected results.


Romany social excluded locality, housing, social work, community work, community development, mobilized community, empowerment

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