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Iva Pelikánová

Social Aspects of Students in their Transition from Education to Employment


The subject of the paper derives from the thesis Social Aspects of Students in their Transition from Education to Employment what is an comprehensive work about problems of learning society and a key moment when students leave the system of vocational education to put their abilities and knowledge into effect on labour market. The main theme of thesis is wide reflection of social requirement put on people of learning society. Experience of students passing the exam is crucial to reveal risk and difficulty jointed with ideal of learning society with pragmatic reflection of social life and with actual opportunities of labor market. Social Aspects of Students in their Transition from Education to Employment describe the main field where is possible a conflict between expectation and everyday reality. The students transition to employment forms also a subject of social works where eduaction helps not only to register but to find new forms of solution to problems too. There is described not only labour market but an area of culture and social development too. Students’ experience are described by ethnographic research especially by ethnographic conversation. The aim is to give a definition of the most frequent area of students’ transition from education to employment and to verify this idea at ethnographic conversations. This obtained analysed subject is then moved on construction of positive interventionist assistance of social workers in education. This paper deals with the main problems of students finish their study in reference to details of the thesis.


learning society, social capital, cultural capital, human capital, economic capital, symbolic capital, social unevenness, social work, labour market, vocational education, ethnography

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