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Alois Křišťan, David Urban

Religious Interpretations Motivating for Social Work


Authors of this paper present the outputs from the project survey realized under the project GACR No. 403/09/1113, entitled “Research of Religious Interpretations Motivating for Social Work”, the aim of which was to identify the diversities of christian affiliations of social workers and to examine the link of this orientation between understanding and implementation of social work. The aim of this article is to present the above mentioned identified diversities and links. In the first part of this paper (Introduction and Project Description) we describe the theoretical background for our survey and in the next section we present the research results that are categorized into five areas: “The Effort to Evangelize, Relationship between Faith and Social Work, Faith in the Concept of Social Workers in Services, The Concept of Man, Concept of God by the Workers in Social Services.” Data were collected through qualitative interviews with 19 social workers of the Czech Republic from different organizations (providing various social services). These respondents were chosen from previous pilot survey, which was attended by 35 respondents. For qualitative interviews were chosen from the 35 respondents those workers, who explicitly considered themselves to be Christians and in reporting criteria (age, gender, religious orientation, the concept of God, the concept of man, the concept of faith, the level of education, type of organization) covered the widest spectrum.


Religious Interpretations, Concept of God, Concept of Man, Concept of Faith, Social Work

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