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Issues » 2012/4 - Social Work and Intergenerational Solidarity »

Miroslav Kappl

Searching of Ways of Intergenerational Solidarity in Youth Clubs in Czech Republic


There dominates a tendency to keep the young employees in the Czech Republic as for area of youth clubs since the beginnig of its development, however it is rather rare phenomenon in the European youth work. Therefore the work with young disorganized subcultures includes the missing particular element with regard to conservation and protection of continual development related to the local communities. There is a certain possibility of a deficit in intergenerational communication. In such a communication may be because workers from other generations usually offer specific support to young people, involving the sharing of experience, resources, or exploring of shared values, which are communication situations that lead to the strengthening of community social capital. In practice that is very difficult if the workers have to mediate this and they are also slightly older then their clients. It isn’t possible offering a pivotal experience on intergenerational communication in the community. This experience may have a different character than merely instructive and evaluating ones (such as usually the case with formal education at all levels of the school system), and can even lead to a certain experience of belonging to a particular community. The aim of this article is to find a rationale and practical options how to reinforce a particular type of intergenerational solidarity that is still missing in the inland youth clubs.


youth clubs, community work, informal education, citizenship education, intergenerational solidarity, social capital

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