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Issues » 2012/4 - Social Work and Intergenerational Solidarity »

Markéta Szotáková

Blind Mothers and Their Sighted Children


The aim of this article is to answer a question: What does help preventing or building solidarity between blind mother and her sighted child and how, on the basis of available literature and research carried out in 2010 and 2011. The formation of intergenerational solidarity is studied from four types of factors: motivating, supporting, limiting and specific factors, which affect this process. In the individual chapters, each of which is devoted to one of the above factors, the author identifies the extent to which individual limiting or supporting factors affects the relationship between a blind mother and child. Blind mothers construct their solidarity with sighted children as part of a wider network of supporting and complicating relations with people in their environment. They emphasize the importance of trust, open communication and close relationship with the child. They talk about the lack of information on parenting of blind people and prejudices they had to contend with. Based on the outcomes of research the author makes recommendations for the practice of social work.


intergenerational solidarity, blind mother, sighted child, relationship, trust

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