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Issues » 2012/4 - Social Work and Intergenerational Solidarity »

Kateřina Kubalčíková

The Support of Informal Carers as the Part of Social Services Providing in the Czech Republic: the Study of Domiciliary Care Service


This text is focused on the condition of providing the social services in the Czech Republic regarding the possibility of support the users’ social network mainly the family relationship. In the text are discussed different models of relation between formal and non-formal care providers as well as the opportunity of the users non-formal care providers to participate at the decision making. In the first part of this text are introduced the theoretical context, first of all the conditions and opportunities of non-formal care providing into the wide context of national social services policy. Use data from care study of selected domiciliary care agency in the next part is discussed the role of non-formal care from the point of view of social worker, formal carers and the founder of this agency.


social services, elderly, domiciliary care, informal care

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