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Issues » 2012/4 - Social Work and Intergenerational Solidarity »

Roman Baláž

Social Contexts of the Social Work and its Influence on the Work with Foreigners


The following text is the theoretic reflexion which brings answers to question: “Whether and if so than how present-day social contexts of social work can affect work with foreigners?” To obtain the answer I am firstly defining the social work with the foreigners and afterwards I am giving an idea of the present-day social context. On the basis of literature studying I am realizing that the present-day social context supports development of society mcdonalization which causes expansion of care management. In the Czech Republic the social work with foreigners is directed by the institutional conditions to realization within the scope of the care management which significantly influences the foreigners work specifics.


social work, foreigners, interaction, social contexts, work conditions, mcdonaldization, care management

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