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Issues » 2013/1 - Deinstitucionalisation of Social Services »

Lada Furmaníková, Zuzana Havrdová, Blanka Tollarová, Petr Vrzáček

To the Phenomenon of Leadership: Who and How Is the Process of Transformation of the Residential Social Services Initiated and Led by?


The course of the change process is influenced by many factors, especially if it is a complex and significant change like the transformation of a mass, residential institution of social services into a provider realizing services in small units within the community. From the manager’s point of view, there are three most important factors: who brings or requires the idea or vision of the changes (who initiates the change), who is the leader (who is leading and so allowing others knowingly and voluntarily follow it with passion) and how they promote the change (how they spread their vision among the relevant actors). In the change process, the emphasis is focused not only on the role of the manager who manages the change, but also on the role of the leader who leads the others during the change. In this context there are presented outputs of the research undertaken in the stated areas with three providers of residential social services, who are in different stages of the transformation process.


management, social services, change management, leader, leadership, vision, work with staff, transformation, deinstitutionalization, institution

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